We're an independent company whose core team has more than 8 decades of unparalleled experience and knowledge in the field of vendor assessment. We've worked in multiple business sectors, including rail, utilities, public sector, and retail. Plus, we have an incredible breadth of skills; from PROCUREMENT and HEALTH & SAFETY to SOFTWARE and CUSTOMER SERVICE. We have the abilities, qualifications and experience to meet and exceed our customers' expectations.

Altius and SSIP

After joining SSIP in 2009, we became an active member of the SSIP Forum, and have had a seat on the Forum Management Group since 2010. We are committed to increasing efficiency and reducing duplication in vendor assessment, and thus, we're committed to promoting the ethos of SSIP wherever we can.

As a respected and long-standing SSIP member, we're the ideal choice for all your CDM compliance needs.

Our Values

We believe that clients and vendors alike have the right to expect a fair, robust and consistent assessment service, backed up by great customer support. We also believe that vendors should be able to use the information they provide to us to make pre-qualification as efficient as it can be, through mutual recognition and sharing of data and documentation. That's why we provide vendors with an easy way to share their compliance profile with anyone they like.

Altius Credentials

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