Safety Schemes in Procurement (SSIP) acts as an umbrella organisation that facilitates mutual recognition between health & safety pre-qualification schemes. SSIP members, like Altius, are required to undertake an annual audit to ensure that they are assessing contractors and consultants to a nationally recognised standard.

How does SSIP Mutual Recognition work?

Mutual recognition does vary between the different SSIP members but, as an example, if you’ve passed your CDM assessment through Altius, some members will recognise this by offering their certification for a reduced fee and with no requirement to undertake their assessment.

SSIP is committed to reducing the time and costs associated with pre-qualification assessments. With more and more main contractors and public organisations subscribing to the SSIP Portal to verify that their contractors have been assessed by an SSIP member, more potential clients will be able to see that you have been assessed and met the SSIP nationally recognised standard.

SSIP Deem to Satisfy

Already got an SSIP registration? You can still make use of the great marketing opportunities offered by having an Altius CDMComply Public Directory listing, including getting yourself on the list for more clients and main contractors. What's more, it only costs £49!

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